“Dog Daddy” Associate Arrested & Charged with Animal Abuse

BREAKING NEWS – “Dog Daddy” associate Rich DuBarton has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of animal abuse in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Rich is the owner of @westbrookpetresort
who hosted a “Dog Daddy” training event in November 2023 – you might recall our posts calling for a boycott of his business at that time.

Despite extensive outreach and sharing of evidence against such methods, the “resort” and its owner, Rich DuBarton, remain unapologetic and plan to continue their association with Deoliveira, and as of now, “Dog Daddy” Augusto DeOliveira has claimed to be returning to this facility to work with more of the public’s dogs this April.

After acknowledging and dismissing the clear evidence of the dangers to their community that these methods pose, they have chosen to double down on their support for these methods.

🚩NEW JERSEY: Take a stand against Westbrook Pet Resort for promoting harmful dog training practices 🚩

YOUR VOICE MATTERS! Spread the word, contact local media, and please share this video. Let’s ensure your concerns are heard and the safety of your dogs is prioritized. Harmful training methods like these will not go unchallenged.

This situation underscores a larger issue within the unregulated dog training industry.

Many members of the public, not being behavior experts, may unknowingly expose their dogs to harmful practices under the guise of training. We believe it’s our responsibility to raise awareness about such methods, especially when they compromise animal welfare and mislead the public.

Our goal is not to vilify, but to inform and protect. We urge viewers to share this video and join us in advocating for safe, humane, and ethical dog training practices. It’s time to hold those who exploit public trust accountable and promote a higher standard of care in the dog training community.

Your voice matters. Boycott Westbrook Pet Resort to send a powerful message that these outdated and harmful tactics have no place in your community.

600 Westbrook Rd. Ringwood, NJ

These dog-related accounts are also run by Rich DuBarton:

Here’s how I work with dogs in a setting like this who are exhibiting fearful or aggressive tendencies. REMEMBER: If you’re looking for aggressive behavior as evidence that a dog is “aggressive” in a dog training video, you are looking for evidence of BAD dog training 🫣 Here is one appropriate way to approach this issue:

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